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AFFKT brings brand new “Modus Operandi” EP including remixes by Nice7, Several Definitions & Bufi

AFFKT brings brand new “Modus Operandi” EP including remixes by Nice7, Several Definitions & Bufi

Ibiza Global Radio
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 1977 Views 0 Comments


Modus Operandi EP

Release Date: 2nd & 9th, June

Original tracks:

Having kicked off 2016 with his highly regarded ‘Son of a Thousand Sounds’ album, Syncopate boss AFFKT returns home to release this  June  2017,  with a  new triple – header born out of techno – inspiration,  relentless psychedelic disco and rockits – club sounds. Big time!

If you’re  eager for well – articulated productions built around sparkling riff – driven synth melodies and loops of fury accentuated by modern space disco, then set your sights on  ‘Sticky  Glaze’ and ‘Socarrat’.   

Both an open – minded and timeless electronic music research gloriously groovy that constantly mutates and develops from start to finish.  On the flip, AFFKT presents ‘Modus Operandi’,  another beast of a  track that punches through the speakers with seven minutes of electrifying and complex layered arpeggios.

Quartet of Remixes:

Several Definitions (twice),  the  Spanish talent Bufi and the  Italian – based duo Nice7 are the ones to design a  pack of very solid remixes.  Unlike in the original cuts,  in these remixes, we will find a  much more house and tech – house scenario.

Danceable at all times, and rooted in electro – synths (is the case of ‘Sticky Glaze’ by Several Definitions) or tasty organic sounds (on Bufi’s rework for ‘Socarrat’). 

On the other hand,  Nice7 brings to the table a  head trip arranged by some deep and atmospheric house chords.

1. AFFKT – Socarrat

2. AFFKT – Modus Operandi

3. AFFKT – Sticky Glaze

4. AFFKT – Modus Operandi (Nice7 remix)

5. AFFKT – Sticky Glaze (Several Definitions remix)

6. AFFKT – Sticky Glaze (Several Definitions Jetstream remix)

7. AFFKT – Socarrat (Bufi remix)