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“Dance for one meter” at Hï Ibiza.

“Dance for one meter” at Hï Ibiza.

Ibiza Global Radio
Friday, 07 July 2017 2781 Views 0 Comments

Dance For One Meter, the largest conservation initiative in electronic music history, launches with Hï Ibiza this summer

Dance For One Meter (D41M) and Hï Ibiza, the world’s most anticipated new nightclub from Ushuaïa Entertainment, are this summer partnering to help combat the global problem of Rainforest deforestation. By simply dancing at Hï Ibiza, each guest has the opportunity to save 1sqm of Rainforest.

When guests attend events at Hï Ibiza, they will have the opportunity to reserve and then save 1sqm of Rainforest when purchasing tickets online at By using Satellite and Google Earth technology, each guest can redeem and zoom into their coordinates on the Cuipo Foundations Rainforest Preserve in Brazil.  

The creative spirit of Ibiza, combined with the latest technology out of San Francisco, are uniting to tackle this global environmental issue. Every second of every minute of every day one football field of Rainforest is lost due to deforestation. 70% of all cancer eliminating medicine properties originate in the Rainforest. Deforestation creates more carbon emissions than any other industry on the planet. The impact on our lives at a global level is serious if action isn’t taken right now. No more talking, it’s time to Dance For One meter.

The Dance For One Meter (D41M) project is founded by Ricardo Porteus and Tom Murray, who had a chance meeting at the Burning Man festival in Nevada where they conceived the potential of how uniting every person attending global festivals and events could make a positive impact on Rainforest protection. By simply having fun whilst saving the Rainforest, one person, one ticket, one meter on mass will generate the biggest environmental initiative in dance music history.

Ricardo Porteus says, “The D41M team includes myself, Tom Murray and some of the world’s most famous DJ’s alongside thought leaders in sustainability and we are excited to partner with the team from Hï Ibiza who have united with us to support this incredible positive global initiative. They changed the clubbing landscape of Ibiza forever when Ushuaia launched, now they are set to do that again on a whole other level with Hï Ibiza, the most forward thinking venue and team in the industry, and we are proud to be launching alongside them. The D41M project is rolling out globally with major US and European Festival partners and celebrity DJs joining the project this summer. So far everyone we have spoken to has agreed to join the D41M initiative, it’s such a humbling feeling to know that this is happening and it’s happening on a large scale right now”

Hï Ibiza owner, CEO & artistic director Yann Pissenem adds ¨I am very happy and proud to be part of such an important, amazing and worthwhile project. Deforestation is one of the biggest environmental issues facing the planet and to be able to partner with the D41M team is incredible. Being able to harness the power of clubbing in Ibiza and technology to make a difference on a global scale is an opportunity we had to be involved with”