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Cloning Sound by Pacho & Pepo

Cloning Sound by Pacho & Pepo

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 6867 Views 0 Comments
19 Apr 2017 @ 02:00 – 03:00
Cloning Sound by Pacho & Pepo

Cloning Sound is an independent record label for quality underground music founded by the pioneers of the Eastern European electronic music scene, Pacho & Pepo, who create a fresh ‘frame of mind’ for the global dancefloor. ‘Innovative sound directions’ are Pacho & Pepo’s raison d’être. The label is focused on the contemporary tech-house & techno genres. When selecting the Cloning Sound’s artists, they try to reach forward-thinking people and upgrade the imprint’s roster with fresh young producers worldwide. Pacho & Pepo put their valuable experience into the Cloning Sound’s production as well as into each episode of their weekly radio show. The artists present you some latest tracks reviews and contemporary underground sessions worldwide. In the Mix section you can hear dj sets by the label owners as well as by various international DJs, such as Danny Serrano, Ali Borem, AFFKT, Jose Maria Ramon, Mario Pio, Mikalogic Hush and many more.