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Ibiza Global Radio
Monday, 27 March 2017 13502 Views 0 Comments

Brasilio de Oliveira’s legendary party will shake the dance floor at HEART every Wednesday from June 14 to October 4

La Troya, one of the most iconic parties on Ibiza, features an upcoming resident party for the season. After two successful seasons in Ibiza, Heart has become the perfect combination of sophistication and originality, and it is taking another big step forward as the place where La Troya will transform to continue to rock people every week with one of the liveliest shows on Ibiza’s night scene.

La Troya is known worldwide as the most authentic party in Ibiza. It is a whole lot of fun, mostly because of how talented its creator, Brasilio de Oliveira is, and because he has a knack to entertain and surprise with extravagant and exclusive productions.

He comes up with different themes for each and every session. His style has set a trend from 1978 due to his amazing decorations, influenced by the colors, materials and the exaggeration typical from his home country, Brazil.

In words of José Corraliza, general manager at Heart Ibiza, “La Troya and Brasilio have become symbols of the ibicencan night, of the entertainment and of the joyful spirit that lives in the magic island.  When we started imagining of La Troya and Heart, it opened a door for us difficult to resist because of how ideas were flowing and the potential to integrate such incredible concepts together under the same roof”.

“Le freak c’est chic”: this is how Brasilio de Oliveira defines this new stage of La Troya, referring to the ‘freak’ side of the party, and the chic atmosphere of a venue like Heart Ibiza. During its 18 weeks’ residency at Heart Ibiza, La Troya will surprise everyone with a high level of graphics and aesthetics, along with the most exclusive ambience on the Island.