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We will be live streaming from Extrema Outdoor Netherlands from 7th to 9th of July

We will be live streaming from Extrema Outdoor Netherlands from 7th to 9th of July

Ibiza Global Radio
Thursday, 01 June 2017 2925 Views 0 Comments

At the beginning of July, from 7th to 9th, you have an important date to remember. If you have saved some money during the year and want to live an incredible experience we recommend you to assist to Extrema Outdoor Netherlands. However, if you don’t have the chance to go to this fantastic festival we have some good news. As the official partner of the event, we will be streaming every session for you. If you can’t go there, Ibiza Global Radio brings the festival to you.


Extrema Outdoor Netherlands is located on the beautiful grounds of De Bergen in Wanroij. This place is surrounded by a deep forest, where there is a clear lake with a sandy beach. Due to this green and natural place, the festival has decided to establish a green deal, in order to be respectful and thankful for this piece of nature where every year the festival can be realized. The three R’s are the pillar of this green deal: REDUCE the amount of possible trash, REUSE anything and RECYCLE bottles and cups pulling away from the waste.

Idyllic landscape, respect and care for the environment and, of course, music, good music. During the whole weekend, some of the best DJ’s of house and techno get together creating and incredible atmosphere. The festival will be divided in three days: Campers Friday, Saturday Festival and Sunday Beach.

On Friday will take place the preparty, where DJ’s such as Boris Werner, Doka, Makam, Mirella Kroes or Steve Rachmad will warm up the engines for the rest of the weekend.


Saturday will be the main day of the festival and it will be divided into 4 stages depending on the DJ’s. ANTS, the Ibizan party par excellence, will bring some established names such as Andrea Oliva, Art Department or Davide Squillace; with FLOW you will be able to dance thanks to DJ’s such as Butch, Ferreck Dawn or Steve Lawler; in the MAIN stage of the line-up you will find Luciano, Fritz Kalkbrenner or Michel Cleis among other great DJ’s; and Alan Fitzpatrick, Rod or Tommy Four Seven will be in the last stage, TECHNO.

Finally, on Sunday, DEEP HOUSE stage will be formed by Pablo Discobar Soundsystem, Anthony Fieldman or SHMLSS and AREA 4 it will be composed by Cinnaman, Dekmantel Soundsystem or Just Pete. However, here the music offer don’t finish because every day there will be afterparties for all the people who buy the ticket to sleep into the camping.

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